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increasing home value in a bad economy

Local economy in Upstate NY, Syracuse, Rochester and everywhere in between

Hi folks,

I write my first blog in what seems at this point to be the worst economy in a generation. Although this is a nationwide thing I believe this started in our area a decade ago.

Syracuse has seen a number of places closing in recent years, the most notable; Carrier corp.

Rochester has had lay offs in Kodak, Xerox and Bosch and Lomb every year that I can remember.

It seems we create a few jobs when things are good but cut as many as possible when things are bad.

In the middle of these two great cities lies a number of small towns and rural villages. In my opinion, these have been hit the hardest in recent years. Here’s a few of the examples:

Lyons, NY has lost a manufacturing plant called School Specialties. This is estimated to put 40 full time employees as well as 100 seasonal workers out of a job. I personally know more than a few people who worked there every summer break while home from college.

Wolcott, NY has lost the only manfacturing plant in town, which is Reckitt and Benckiser. This leaves many in the community, including a member of my family, scrambling to find comparable work with wages sufficient to maintain their modest lifestyles.

Red Creek, NY lost Comstock Foods a few years ago and as a direct result the commerce in the town dropped at least 75% in my estimation.

This is just a small sample of rural areas being effected by a national economy. I often wonder how much people in the larger cities are affected by the loss of our jobs in Wayne County.

Most of the people now unemployed by these above named companies are looking for work in the Syracuse and Rochester areas. Combine that with a shrinking job market in those very cities.  It is getting difficult for anyone in our area to get a job.

It seems being spend thrifty and cutting back on wants AND needs are the only thing in sight to combat this.

Let me know what you think….